Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Passion is my driving force. Everything I do is steered by passion. To start with I have been extremely passionate about this quest to know who I am, why am I born, what’s my purpose of existence, why do we die, why are we even born in first place? I am sure a lot of people get these questions in their minds but how many get answers and how many amongst them are satisfied or happy with their answers are not really known to me. I have been extremely focused about something from quite a young age - anything that would excite me, anything that would make my heart skip a beat, hop, jump, flutter or go unusual, I shall not ignore them. Now the twist is too many things excited me or I may say still excite me. Studying human physiology made my hormones lose sleep. Dancing on stage made my whole body jump in joy. And to make anyone smile gave me an ear to ear grin. I could never estimate what was I driven by, the most. Amongst these three what am I passionate about the most. Of the hundred thousand little things that brought about a change in my heart rate, these three most unrelated aspects always fought to secure the first place in my mind. I struggled to decide what deserves the most priority and made them shuttle spaces. A day of revelation, when it suddenly occurred to me, what if they coexisted, what if they shared the most important space in my heart which I had believed forever belongs to One. As soon as I believed magic is possible, magic happened. My three most important interests came together to carve a beautiful craft in my life. Or should I say, carved my life. My encounter with Dance Movement Therapy has been the perfect amalgamation of all the ingredients I had been savoring independently all these while. I had been protecting my individual interests often wondering why am I so weird. Why are my interests not in harmony? Wish my interests were in alignment; I could do better. But yes, in time, all the ingredients when they were just ready to be used have started coming together to bring the unique aroma I had longed for.

Angira Chakravortydasgupta | Dance movement therapy | Harmony | Seeking Balance | Alignment | Life | Passion | Offbeat Career| Councellor | Classical Dance | Odishi
Angira, dance and Dance Movement Therapy


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